2020-03-15 10:46:21

Shafaq News / The head of the crisis cell in Maysan, Governor Ali Douai said the first case, which was discovered that she was infected with Corona virus in the governorate, has left hospital after she recovered completely.

For his part, the Director General of Maysan Health, Dr. Ali Mahmoud Al-Alaq said: Amid the joy of family and relatives and in the presence of the Governor of Maysan, MR. Ali Douai, human rights and a number of doctors and media, Al-Shaheed Al-Sadr Teaching Hospital today discharged on Sunday 3/15/2020, an elderly woman from the governorate after acquiring   full recovery, as she was infected with the emerging corona virus, after returning from abroad.

He stressed that there are no infections in the governorate except for the first two cases, who gained full recovery and left the hospital, and the second, unfortunately, passed away because of the delay in the case, noting that the rapid heading to the health institution and early detection of the situation has a major role in the patient's recovery.

In the meantime, the first sector of Nasiriyah Department announced   conducting the necessary clinical tests for a foreign archaeological team arriving in the ancient archeological region , Ur west of Nasiriyah.

The director of Nasiriyah sector, Basem Hashem Al-Ibrahimi said that after informing us by the police detachments about the presence of a foreign delegation heading to Ur archaeological area, a health team the al-Mansourieh Health Center headed to take the necessary measures as quickly as possible and after the team headed to the archaeological area, clinical tests were taken to the delegation consisting of 13 foreign members didn’t show symptoms of infection with Corona virus or any other transitional disease.

It is noteworthy that the delegation was taken while entering Basra International Airport.

The federal government and Kurdistan Regional Government have started to take the necessary preventive measures after recording more than 100 cases of the emerging virus, and suspended flights to and from endemic countries.