2020-03-28 11:38:21

Shafaq News / Baghdad Police Commander, Major General Majed Faleh Al-Mousawi revealed on Saturday, orders to close major markets in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, to avoid the spread of Corona epidemic.

Al-Musawi told Shafaq News that "there are major markets in Sadr City completely due to the presence of unusual crowds in them."

He explained that "there are also orders to close some of the main markets in the east of al-Qanat, on top of which are in Sadr City," adding that "there are some sweets shops that were closed by force."

Al-Musawi said that " who refuses to implement the orders is suspended," noting that "there is information that comes to us in the presence of human crowds in some shops, which are not necessary."

Baghdad Operations Command said in a statement today that in order to mitigate and prevent gatherings in the markets of Sadr City, east of Baghdad, all shop owners to turn to mobile sellers in the regions, each according to the region near them during the curfew.