2019-07-25 12:24:14

Shafaq News/ Daquq district southern Kirkuk province has witnessed the funeral of nine people killed by shooting that targeted them on Kirkuk-Baghdad road.

The families of the victims carried out a mass burial ceremony for their loved ones, which was attended by a large crowd of "Hedfgar" village affiliated to Daquq.

News about the incident of their deaths has been conflicted, as Idriss Haji Adel, deputy official of Kirkuk Organizations center of the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan said that they were killed by ISIS members in an ambush on the mentioned road.

While an official security source said those people were killed as they were trying to flee from the village, which was bombed by federal police where they thought that those people are ISIS members.

"Hatfgar" village was shelled by mortar shells from an unknown location to land on the house of a women named, Fawzia Abdullah Abdul Rahman , a housewife living in the above mentioned village, causing her injury along with Tariq Abbas Aziz , an employees in the health department of Daquq and Farid Farouk Abbas , a student and Azzedine Abbas Aziz and they were transferred to Daquq hospital for the treatment, according to the source.

The source told Shafaq News also that a third incident took place when  Mohammed Qassem , a police officer arrived to the hospital to record the statements of the injured people when a verbal altercation erupted between him and other officers in the federal police ended with shooting Qassem and killing him immediately.