2020-04-27 11:08:50

Shafaq News / The Member of the Parliamentary Health Committee, Hassan Khalati attributed, on Monday, the reasons for the high cases of Corona epidemic in Basra to contact of people with the disease.

"The health staff in Basra Governorate are making a great effort in dealing with infections of this disease, but at the same time we regret the lack of commitment of large numbers of the people of Basra Governorate," calling on the people of Basra to commit to implementing the health rules in Ramadan that limit from the spread of Corona epidemic,” Khalati told Shafaq News.

"We had a concern in the recent period about the danger of lifting the curfew partially  and this was the opinion of many doctors in Basra as well as the team of the Advisory Committee, but now we are monitoring the number of infections and we hope that the number would decrease at a low level to reach within the line of controlling the epidemic “.

Basra Governorate recorded a rise in several cases of coronavirus, which reached more than 280 cases, including 129 recoveries and 17 deaths.