2020-04-29 14:32:38

Shafaq News / Basra Health Department announced on Wednesday that it had registered 50 new cases of Corona virus

We have registered 50 new positive cases today as a result of effective epidemiological monitoring and in contact with confirmed cases, The statement read.

The statement noted that only one of the recovered cases recovered while no deaths were recorded.

The total number of positive cases reached 406, including 17 deaths, 184 cures, and 205 cases under treatment.

Basra Operations Commander, Lt. Gen. Qasim Jassem Nazzal directed earlier to a general security alert in the province, after the increase in the number of Coronavirus infections.

And a medical source revealed that the health survey detachments in Basra Governorate were able to record more than 40 new cases of Corona virus, most of them contacting previous patients.

This comes a day after 39 injuries were recorded in the al-Hartha area, in the north of the governorate, most of them people who took part in a funeral