2019-02-28 18:19:00

Iraqi President Barham Saleh said yesterday that Baghdad will adopt a “balanced” regional policy based on the slogan “Iraq first”, his office revealed.

His remarks came during a lecture delivered at the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI) on the sidelines of his current visit to Paris.

Saleh stressed that reforming the situation in Iraq would be important. “I mean we need to propose political initiatives… to encourage political reconciliation and bring together moderates from across Iraq in the face of extremism.”

He hoped the new government would be able to make some constitutional amendments in order to meet the requirements of the current stage.

The president stressed that Iraq “had paid a high price” to defeat Daesh and all Iraqis have suffered as a result. “Iraqis with all of all sects have achieved a big victory,” he said.

“After four decades of wars, sanctions, terrorism and isolation, many Iraqis have come to a conclusion: it is enough,” he said, hoping that Iraq, which witnessed several wars, would become the place where the interests of its neighbours come together.