2020-03-26 09:43:29

Shafaq News / The Governor of Baghdad, Muhammad Jaber Al-Atta, announced on Wednesday, the deployment of health field mobile teams on   Rusafa side to test citizens, in the framework of combating the outbreak of   Corona virus.

Al-Atta said in a statement received by Shafaq News, that "it was agreed and coordinated with the Director of Baghdad Health department in  Rusafa Abdul-Ghani Al-Saadi, on the deployment of mobile field health teams in various areas of the capital next to Rusafa and in all sectors to test citizens."

He added that "this measure is part of a series of preventive and temporary measures taken to control Corona virus and limit its spread."

Meanwhile, the Security Media Cell announced that the security services within Baghdad Operations Command closed a market in Al-Amin area east of the capital completely, and informed vegetable and food vendors to sell their items through mobile vehicles within the region, in order to prevent the emerging corona virus and to reduce its spread.