2020-02-12 08:33:22

Shafaq News / The Federal Commission of Integrity announced on Wednesday issuing a decision to imprison the director general of Rabia border outlet previously, in addition to three employees at the border for intentionally harming public money by more than $17 million.

In its discussion of the decision issued in the case in which the commission investigated and referred it to the judiciary, the Commission's investigations department indicated that the convicts had smuggled oil derivatives through Rabia border crossing by exploiting important facilitation letters, indicating that the accused had smuggled (1500) tankers loaded with crude oil, and that this act resulted in damage to public money amounting to (17,580,720) million dollars.

The department added that the criminal court specialized in integrity issues in Baghdad reached the full conviction of the defendants' red handed after reviewing the evidence obtained in the case represented by the legal representatives of the Ministry of Interior , the Petroleum Products Distribution Company and the General Authority for Customs who filed a complain against the defendants, in addition to the minutes of the investigation committee in the General Secretariat the Council of Ministers contains their shortcomings and refers them to the Commission of Integrity.

The department explained that the court decided that the four defendants to be imprisoned for a period of seven years for each of them, based on the provisions of Article 340 of the Penal Code and in terms of articles 47, 48 and 49 thereof, as well as issuing an arrest and investigation order against them, and supporting the seizure of their movable and immovable property, while giving the right to the authority affected party to claim compensation before the civil courts, after the decision is taken outright.