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An Iraqi governorate holds Iranians and deports them through a port

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Date: 2020-03-16T08:31:03+0000
An Iraqi governorate holds Iranians and deports them through a port

Shafaq News / Media sources and eyewitnesses said on Monday that the medical teams in Wasit governorate’s health department had detained a number of people of Iranians who had not been subjected to medical checks and deported them to their country.

The sources and witnesses told Shafaq News, that the medical teams detained four Iranians late Sunday night in front of Baghdad garage in the center of Kut, the center of Wasit governorate.

They added that these Iranians came from Najaf province, noting that they were transferred to Al-Karamah Hospital in the province, and after they were subjected to medical tests, they were transferred to the border crossing point of Zirbata.

While Diwaniya police cordoned off the house of a young woman who was infected with Corona virus and prevented residents in al-Furat area from entering and leaving until samples were taken from neighbors and residents of the street where she lives.

On Sunday, the governor of Diwaniya and head of the crisis cell in the governorate, Zuhair Ali Al-Shaalan, announced a one-day curfew after the first infection with Corona virus was recorded in the governorate.

The Iraqi Ministry of Health announced yesterday that it had recorded 14 new infections with new Corona virus.

"The Ministry of Health and Environment laboratories conducted 113 forms of suspected cases in hospitals in different governorates," the ministry said in a statement to Shafaq News.

The Ministry of Health said that "positive results (new infections) were 14 distributed as follows: 7 cases in Baghdad / Rusafa, two cases in Baghdad / Al-Karkh, two cases in Najaf, and one case in each of Maysan, Diyala and Diwaniyah."

It noted that "the total number of infections reached 124, the total number of recovery cases: 26, and the total number of deaths were 9".