2020-04-29 14:06:32

Shafaq News / Salahuddin province in Iraq on Wednesday called on the security authorities to install thermal cameras to secure their borders with Erbil, Anbar and Nineveh governorates.

“ISIS infiltration towards Salahuddin is continuing from the borders of Makhmour district in Erbil, Nineveh and Anbar desert. The director of Al-Sharqat district, north of Salahuddin, Gerjes Hijab told Shafaq News.

Hijab revealed the demands submitted by the people of northern Salahuddin to a multiple security team that visited Sharqat to assess the security conditions and the repercussions of the recent terrorist attacks with roadside bombs, noting that the demands of the people and Salahuddin officials focused on installing thermal cameras to monitor the movements of ISIS elements and prevent them from penetrating the security protection points.

He warned against the increasing number of elements of the extremist organization in areas northern Salahuddin, threatening security and carrying out attacks that hit vital targets in the northern areas of the province.

For his part, Sheikh Burhan Salam Al-Azzawi "one of the elders of Kanous village " considered northern Salahuddin thermal cameras and surveillance techniques as the only weapon to counter ISIS attacks and thwart any terrorist operation targeting civilians and their properties.

Al-Azzawi assured Shafaq News that the vast border areas between Salahuddin and the governorates are difficult to secure by the military sectors or to be held entirely unless security cameras or balloons are adopted, which are experiments that have proven successful in Kurdistan and neighboring countries.

 In turn, a member of the Parliamentary Security and Defense Committee on the authority of Salahuddin , Mahdi Taqi al-Amili, called on the people in northern Salahuddin and security hotspots to set up home security cameras to uncover any suspicious terrorist movements of the suspicious elements.

"The security cameras project is a very effective security method to protect government , private departments and institutions, commercial markets and housing complexes, and to track and prosecute crime gangs ," Al-Amerli added to Shafaq News.

He indicated that the cameras project is not financially expensive and can be adopted by all citizens, whether in residential neighborhoods or commercial markets, to guard against terrorist attacks, monitor perpetrators and facilitate their arrest, stressing that terrorist gangs avoid approaching places and targets that contain surveillance cameras.

ISIS still has sleeper cells throughout the country, and is gradually returning to its old method of launching attacks on guerrilla style before 2014, taking advantage of the poor security situation.