2020-01-27 12:11:29

Shafaq News / The prominent Iraqi politician, Methal al-Alusi revealed today, Monday, the study of the United States of America to respond to the strikes on its embassy directly in the Iraqi capital Baghdad, explaining the ways of the American response.

It is noteworthy that five (unknown source) missiles fell on Sunday in the Green Zone in central Baghdad, and that one of them landed in the vicinity of the American embassy.

Al-Alusi told Shafaq News that "the militias said the truth and lied. They said the truth when they said that they do not bear the responsibility for striking the American embassy. The orders were Iranian, for the militias to target the embassy qualitatively by targeting the building and killing the embassy’s’ employees, and the militias lied that they weren’t  the tool."

He explained that "the problem is not only in the militias, but also in the Iraqi government, it has proven that it lacks sovereignty even over the capital, Baghdad, and this is a serious matter, because these actions are borne by the Iraqi state and due to the current failed government, and borne by the occupying Iran, because of the presence of militias."

He added, "America will respond to the strikes of the American embassy, ​​and now in the American administration they are studying the response process. They know that the orders came from outside the Iraqi borders, as they know that the perpetrators are Iraqis, and they know that the Iraqi government is not powerless to prevent such actions, but rather they are cooperating with the militia. " as he said

The prominent Iraqi politician concluded by saying, "The American response will be in the form of sanctions, lifting exceptions and targeting militia leaders physically. They are terrorists and owners of terrorist networks. As we expect, this time, it will be an American response to Iran inside the Iranian territory, and the American response this time will be from three axes."