2020-04-05 14:22:39

Shafaq News / The Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zorfi, pledged on Sunday to work his government, if appropriate atmosphere was provided for holding early elections, at the request of the popular movement in the country.

This came during a meeting with a delegation from the Independent High Electoral Commission, headed by Judge Council President , Jalil Adnan according to a statement issued by Al Zorfi’s office today.

The statement stated that the mechanisms to be followed to conduct early elections were discussed according to the new government approach.

The statement added that Al-Zorfi stressed during the meeting the necessity to meet the most important demand given by the demonstration arenas and stressed by the supreme religious reference, represented by early, free and fair elections, which included a fair and representative representation of all Iraqis.

He stressed the importance of following international standards using the United Nations to achieve this basic requirement within a period not exceeding one year from the date the government begins its work, pledging that the new government will work to restore the prestige of the state and impose the rule of law to provide the appropriate atmosphere for these elections.

For its part, the delegation of the Independent High Commission for Elections confirmed the commission's attempt to commit to the period set by the government to conduct the elections, noting that the new commission that had recently taken over the task is currently working on reconsidering the entire administrative and technical apparatus within the commission and clearing all previous belongings, up to a commission capable of carrying out its duties and implementation of its first basic mission, which is early elections.

 The delegation of the Commission included the head of the electoral administration, Counselor Ahlam Adnan, and two members of the Board of Commissioners, Judges Abbas Farhan and Fayyad Yassin.