2020-03-29 13:09:01

Shafaq News / A source close to the Prime Minister-designate, Adnan Al-Zorfi revealed on Sunday that the latter has completed his cabinet, which he said was of "independent experts and academics."

"There are a number of lists containing the names of the candidates who have been studied by the Prime Minister-designate in order to choose the most appropriate to take over the ministerial portfolios in the next government," the source, who declined to be named, told Shafaq News.

He added that "Al-Zorfi is about to end the cabinet file after selecting a number of candidates for this position," noting that "the candidates who were chosen for the government from all Iraqi components are experts and independent academics."

On March 16th, the President of the Republic tasked Barham Salih, the head of the parliamentary victory bloc, Adnan al-Zorfi to form the new government within 30 days.

This mandate came after the "Seven-party Committee" of the Shiite forces failed to reach agreement on a specific candidate.

Al-Zorfi is facing rejection from prominent Shiite forces close to Iran, headed by Hadi al-Amiri, the Al-Fateh coalition, and the State of Law coalition led by Nuri al-Maliki, which made them form a new seven-party committee to choose an alternative to al-Zorfi.

But a parliamentary source told Shafaq News a few days ago that Al-Zorfi had succeeded in penetrating the ranks of the Shiite forces opposing his assignment, and he persuaded about 100 deputies to give confidence to his government in Parliament.