2020-04-15 08:58:35

Shafaq News / Prime Minister-designate Mustafa al-Kathimi said that he is the head of a crisis government "and neither he nor anyone else has a magic stick" to solve the crises in Iraq.

Al-Kathemi said in an interview with journalists and media yesterday, and was quoted by "Al-Sharq Al-Awsat" newspaper that "the names of the members of the government cabinet are now ready and I am negotiating with the political blocs on this in order to pass them inside the parliament dome as soon as possible so that I can start working according to the pressing priorities."

He called on the political blocs to cooperate with him to cross the current crisis as long as “my government has a specific goal, which is preparing for early elections, in addition to resolutely addressing the urgent challenges that were not expected until two months ago and that is Corona virus, and what has become a real threat to all the peoples of the world, the economic crisis, which was represented by a sharp decline in oil prices, which requires us to take firm and strong measures in order to cross this crisis.

Al-Kathemi stressed that «what we have reached now from the problems and crises is mainly due to the wrong establishment of the political process after 2003», pointing out that «the American occupation of the country succeeded in destroying the structure of the Iraqi state without a correct re-establishment process taking place». And regarding what can be expected from him during the presidency of the government described as temporary, Al-Kathemi said: “As everyone knows, I am not elected and I did not come to this position as a result of the polls, but it is a responsibility assigned to me by the political blocs, which doubles my responsibility towards what we are exposed to from threats and challenges, therefore I can say that I am the prime minister of a crisis and I do not have neither I nor anyone else a magic stick because we face challenges that need the concerted efforts from everyone.

On the nature of the situation from the United States and Iran and turning Iraq into an arena for settling accounts, Al-Kathemi stressed: “We will have a serious dialogue with the United States of America regarding the nature of their presence in Iraq, and the most important thing that I must deal with firmly is that Iraq is not an arena for settling accounts, However, I will work to open up seriously in the Arab and Islamic surroundings, and in accordance with the principle of common interests, which requires us to work seriously in this direction, especially in terms of economics and investment and to create the appropriate ground for this, because we cannot continue to rely on oil as a single source of national income. ”

Al-Kathemi explained that «the important thing that I will pay great attention to is opening of a real internal domestic dialogue, because during the past years we lacked such a serious dialogue at all levels, which can establish a national vision through which we can build state institutions in a sound manner, as there is no choice we have in front of us only the comprehensive Iraqi national project and trans-national sub-identities, whether ethnic or sectarian ».

On the issue of restricting weapons to the state, Al-Kathimi said, “This issue has become one of the pressing priorities that really require real solutions, which is what we will work on in a sound and serious manner, whether this weapon is in the hands of individuals or clans or in the hands of armed factions, which believe that this weapon is linked to the foreign military presence in the country, which also requires a serious dialogue with it in this regard, especially as we are serious about ending any manifestations of the unjustified foreign presence in the country.

Regarding the criteria that he will adopt in choosing ministers, Al-Kathemi said that "the most important criterion I set is integrity and efficiency , I will negotiate all political blocs on this basis."