2020-05-24 20:26:37

Shafaq News / Prime Minister Mustafa Al-Kadhimi directed on Sunday evening to tighten the curfew in the country, as the number of infections diagnosed with Corona virus spiked.

A brief statement from Al-Kadhimi’s office stated that the latter directs the security services to tighten the lockdown measures.

The Iraqi government announced a total lockdown throughout the country for a week, including Eid al-Fitr holiday, to prevent the outbreak of the Corona virus.

Since the outbreak of the virus last March, Iraq recorded 4469 cases of Corona virus, which has climbed during the past days.

But member of the Parliamentary Crisis Cell ,Hassan Khalati said on Sunday, to Shafaq News Agency, that the significant increase in the number of coronavirus infection came as a result of the expansion of epidemiological monitoring efforts and the increase in the number of tests in the survey field, as their numbers doubled per day compared to previous days, indicating that "the number of those who were tested were by hundreds, but currently it reached 6000.