2020-03-28 09:12:05

Shafaq News / The Crisis Cell in Wasit Governorate lifted the quarantine on the family of (Mashji Zughair), who had died earlier due by Corona virus in Sheikh Saad district.

The head of the Crisis Cell in Wasit province, Adel Al-Zarkani, confirmed in an official document, "Lifting the quarantine on the family after the end of the quarantine period and the absence of symptoms of the disease on them and ensuring their safety at a time he stressed their commitment to apply health protection measures."

The family of the citizen (Mashay Zugheer), who died earlier due to Corona virus in Sheikh Saad district, in which his family consists of 30 individuals threatened in a video of collective suicide if the quarantine imposed on them for 3 weeks was not lifted without medical follow-up, they said.