2019-12-26 11:21:50

Shafaq News / Karbala Police Directorate issued on Thursday, a response to the events that took place in the city yesterday, which resulted in injuries after clashes between unknown persons and demonstrators with white weapons and sticks.

Karbala police said in a statement received by Shafaq News that "after the peaceful demonstrations have been located in the education area and up to Zaid Library in coordination and cooperation with peaceful demonstrators and activists, we will deal with anyone who wants to distort the demonstrations from their peaceful path outside the place designated for the demonstrations as vandal and out of law , we will take the necessary legal measures against them to obtain their just punishment. "

Karbala police called on "all segments of society to cooperate with the security forces, because security is a joint responsibility of all without exception, in order to preserve lives and public and private property."