2020-06-14 22:40:37

Shafaq News / The Joint Operations Command announced, on Sunday evening, that it seized a vehicle loaded with Katyusha missile launchers, north of Baghdad.

A statement received by Shafaq news agency said that, "Based on intelligence efforts to trace the attacks targeting camps of Iraqi security forces, our forces were able today to spot a Kia Bongo vehicle loaded with Katyusha launchers in the Rashidiya area, near the oil company".

"while approaching the vehicle, two rockets were spontaneously launched and landed in a remote area, without significant casualties. The vehicle was brought under control, and all the remaining missiles were disabled", the statement added, "The forces were able to obtain important information leading to those who carried out this terrorist act".

On Saturday, the Security Media Cell announced that two Katyusha missiles landed in Al-Taji camp, without causing any losses.