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A stiff competition for the Mayoralty of Baghdad

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Date: 2020-06-26T10:13:53+0000
A stiff competition for the Mayoralty of Baghdad

Shafaq News/ Al-Hikma party, revealed, on Thursday, that large political parliamentary groups are in the middle of a stiff competition, for the post of "Mayoralty of Baghdad", noting that, “the Prime Minister can choose anyone without referring to the parliament”.
The " Mayoralty of Baghdad” is more important than any ministry, as it provide significant financial revenues, sufficient to pay the salaries of employees in Baghdad and its neighboring provinces, without resorting to oil imports", MP Ali al-Badiri told Shafaq News agency.
Since the change of the political system in Iraq in 2003, six successive mayors have contracted this post, none of them was able to end the intractable problems of service for the citizens