2019-09-10 10:09:19

Shafaq News / Russian president's special envoy to the Middle East and Africa , Deputy Foreign Minister , Mikhail Bogdanov said that the Russian Foreign Minister ,Sergei Lavrov will visit Iraq next month.

"It is planned that the Russian Foreign Minister , Sergei Lavrov will visit Iraq in October," Bogdanov said.

The Russian Deputy Minister pointed out that "good guaranteed dialogue built on confidence at high levels, gives an actual progress to the Russian-Iraqi multi-faceted cooperation."

He stressed that Moscow and Baghdad are considering the possibility of visits by Iraqi leaders, specifically the President of the Republic, Prime Minister and Speaker of Parliament to Russia.

Russian Foreign Minister ,Sergei Lavrov and Iraqi Foreign Minister ,Mohammed Ali al-Hakim have exchanged congratulations on the 75th  anniversary of the establishment of the diplomatic relations between Moscow and Baghdad.

The two sides stressed their attempt to further strengthen dialogue on pressing regional and international issues and expand cooperation between the two countries.