2019-10-25 15:25:06

Shafaq News/The death toll among protesters has risen to two killed, with nearly 1000 injured, the Iraqi High Commission for Human Rights (IHCHR) announced on Friday.

IHCHR said in a statement today that the death toll of demonstrators had risen to 2 due to suffocation.

The statement pointed to the high number of wounded reached (966) in Baghdad province, including (884) of the demonstrators , (82) security forces and (5) injuries in Maysan province of demonstrators and (3) wounded in Muthanna province, including (2) of the security forces so the   total number of injuries reached (974), mostly cases of suffocation due to the use of tear gas.

The statement pointed to the burning the headquarters of Asaib, Hikma ,Dawa Party , Bashair movement , Fadhila and Badr organization in Muthanna province and burning the headquarters of Dawa party in Wasit province , Dhi Qar provincial council by demonstrators and storming the house of the governor of Wasit.

The statement disclosed the use of rubber bullets and tear gas by the security forces to disperse the demonstrators in Tahrir Square.

The statement added that thousands of demonstrators gathered in front of the building of the provinces of Wasit, Najaf, Diwaniya, Dhi Qar, Maysan, Basra, Muthanna while the security forces prevented them from entering.

IHCHR concluded its statement that one of the cadres of the monitoring teams of IHCHR  was wounded in Muthanna province while covering the demonstrations.