2019-09-30 11:32:57

Shafaq News/  Kirkuk investigation court announced the arrest of a gang dealing in antiquities and mercury, pointing out that the gang, which includes security members possesses a precious specie issued by the US Central Bank.

“The Court of Inquiry in Kirkuk investigated the statements of members of a gang who were arrested in Samarra on the crime of trafficking in antiquities and mercury," pointing out that "the court had issued an earlier arrest warrant against its members after receiving information on the basis of the provisions of Article 40 Antiquities Law No. 55 of 2012 ,” The media center of the Supreme Judicial Council said.

"The gang is composed of eight people, including members of the Interior Ministry, exploited their official capacity to commit crime and mercury and antiquities," pointing to "it was found in possession , precious gold coin bearing the form of a US currency, one of whom admitted to bring from Iran,” the media center added.