2019-10-06 09:23:45

Shafaq News / A close source to the Prime Minister ,Adel Abdul Mahdi revealed on Sunday, a "reform plan" planned by the latter after the high rate of protests calling for reform and the elimination of rampant corruption in the institutions in the Iraqi state.

Al-Arabi Al-Jadeed newspaper quoted an official in Abdul-Mahdi's office as saying that the latter agreed to proceed with a plan supervised by a number of his assistants, most notably his office manager, Abu Jihad Al-Hashimi and his adviser , Mohammed Abdul-Hadi Al-Hakim, including a wide cabinet reshuffle in the government and the formation of a supreme court with broad powers specialized in cases of corruption , re-investigation of all previous cases of corruption or submitted to the Supreme Judicial Council.

The plan also includes launching a national program to combat poverty and unemployment, which includes several steps, including the allocation of residential plots small and medium-sized loans, activate the retirement age to replace those who have reached the legal age with other young people, the adoption of the formation of a standing committee of non-political forces, including academics, prominent experts and social and scientific figures in various cities of Iraq to issue recommendations and observations to the government, as religious reference (Marjiyaa) called in Friday sermon.

The official added that "this is the maximum that the Prime Minister can offer at the moment", he is "not responsible for the remnants of the last five governments, and should not be loaded to him by the people or political blocs," revealing that “the alternative behavior of the Prime Minister with the continued demonstrations would be to resign which is closer than ever before.”