2020-05-07 20:07:32

Shafaq News / 63 new cases of Corona virus have been reported in the country during the past 24 hours, the Iraqi Ministry of Health announced on Thursday.

“The new casualties were distributed as: Baghdad / Rusafa: 23 cases, Baghdad / Al-Karkh: 9 cases, Medical City: 1 case, Kirkuk: 5 cases, Basra: 25 cases,”the ministry said in a statement to Shafaq News.

The ministry indicated that no new deaths were recorded, while 24 cases have recovered, as follows: Baghdad / Rusafa: 4 recoveries, Baghdad / Karkh: 4 recoveries, Basra: 5 recoveries, Babil: 2 recoveries, Karbala: 1 recovery, Erbil; 6 recoveries, Salahuddin: 2 recoveries.

The ministry added that the total number of infections reached 2543, the total number of deaths 102, and the total number of recovery cases 1626, cases under treatment: 815.