2020-04-05 09:35:47

Shafaq News / The Health Department of Najaf announced on Sunday, that it has recorded (6) new infections with Corona virus in the province.

The Director General of Najaf’s Health Department, Radwan Kamel Al-Kindi, said in a statement, reported to Shafaq News, that his department recorded (6) new infections with Corona virus today, Sunday, after the Public Health Laboratory in Najaf carried out 98 laboratory tests as follows:

- Six cases of contact with a previously diagnosed positive situation, distributed among: Al-Jami'a, Al-Jadida al-Rabeaa, Al-Quds, Al-Qadisiyah, Second - Near the Airport, Al-Rahma and Al-Manadhh neighborhood.

Thus, the total cases recorded in Najaf province is as follows:

181 confirmed cases

53 recovered cases

5 deaths

Two departures to their country (Iran).