2020-04-28 11:23:38

Shafaq News / 37 people were infected with Corona virus after a document has been published showing the names of the infected people causing panic in Basra , south of Iraq, a source from Basra Health Department revealed today.

These infections were recorded by health teams during the virus survey, and most of the infected people are in contact with previous cases in Al-Hartha district, north of Basra, The source told Shafaq News.

Bloggers in Basra Governorate circulated earlier a document that included recording a number of infections in Al-Hartha district north of the province, which has not been officially announced yet.

According to the document, a copy of which was mentioned to Shafaq News, and it’s not known if it is true yet as it mentioned that most of the affected cases are women, and the number of infected people is (37) man and a woman who have been confirmed as positive cases of Corona epidemic.

Shafaq News reporter tried to check the accuracy of the document but the relevant authorities didn’t cooperate.

As Basra recorded 317 cases of corona virus, including 17 deaths, 179 recoveries, and 121 others are still being under treatment.