2020-04-06 09:26:36

Shafaq News / Diwaniyah and Najaf governorates recorded on Monday 11 new cases of corona virus.

Diwaniyah Health Department statement indicated that "19 suspected cases were taken and sent to the Public Health Laboratory in Baghdad."

The statement pointed out that "the results confirmed the diagnosis of 7 positive cases," pointing to "the recovery of 4 cases, as there are two cases   in good condition. "

In turn, Najaf Health Department announced recording (4) new infections with Corona virus after the Public Health Laboratory in Najaf conducted (87) laboratory tests as follows: -

- One contact case a positive case previously diagnosed in Al-Mishkhab

Three cases in contact with a previously diagnosed positive condition in Maysan neighborhood

Thus, the total number of recorded cases in Najaf governorate is as follows:

185 confirmed cases

58 recovered cases

5 deaths