2020-04-08 12:56:19

Shafaq News / Two medical sources reported on Wednesday that 10 people with corona virus recovered in Karbala and Najaf governorates.

The two sources told Shafaq News, that three cases of infection obtained a complete recovery from Corona virus in Karbala and left the hospital.

The two sources indicated that seven infected patients recovered from Al-Hakim Hospital in Najaf and were discharged of the hospital.

While Nineveh Health Department announced that 50 people were quarantined in the governorate.

A medical source in the department told Shafaq News, that "the number of arrivals to the quarantine reached at dawn today approximately 50 people who were stuck in the city, most of them work outside the province."

He added that "they were transferred by two groups under strict supervision to the quarantine in Al -Salam Hospital and they will remain for 14 days under observation until their safety is confirmed," adding that "the total number of people present in the quarantine reached 64 cases."

The source added, "There is only one case in the governorate after the recovery of three cases."

Yesterday, Nineveh Health Department announced that three out of four people from one family tested negative of Corona virus in the province.