2020-03-28 11:05:52

Shafaq News / Najaf Health Department announced on Saturday that it has recorded 10 cases of corona virus.

The statement said in a statement today that it has conducted tests on 74 suspected cases. These cases were distributed as follows:

- Five cases of one family from the governorate center, and their father was in contact with a diagnosed case.

One case in contact with her infected father in al-Haidariya.

One case of contact with an infected person from Al- Mishkhab.

Three cases of suspected separate samples, one in Kufa and two in the governorate center.

The department affirmed that it would take all remedial measures for the infected people and preventive measures against those who contact them, calling on all citizens to adhere to the recommendations of the crisis cell, foremost of which is the commitment to the curfew.