2020-02-27 09:32:10

Shafaq News / The number of new cases of corona virus emerging outside China, by the end of Wednesday  has exceeded the number of cases of the disease in China within one day, according to the World Health Organization.

Italy has become a hotbed of disease outbreak in Europe, and Iran has become a hotbed of outbreaks in the Middle East, which has helped the virus appear in a large number of countries within days.

Pakistan, Sweden, Norway, Greece, Romania and Algeria announced the first cases of Corona infection, and Brazil announced recording a case of virus, as the first case in Latin America.

The rapid spread of the disease during the past few days afflicted the world markets with panic and the global stock exchanges lost billions of dollars.

Stock markets around the world have lost about $ 3.3 trillion during the last four trading days, and the American Wall Street has suffered severe losses during the past two days, as the Dow Jones index lost about 1900 points.

The New York Times confirmed that the Wall Street Stock Exchange will be subjected to the largest losses compared to other stock exchanges in the world, given the complexity of trade links between major American technology companies and their Chinese counterparts.

Oil prices fell to their lowest level in a year.

Europe’s losses

In Europe, European stock losses continued in the last five trading sessions, the British "FTSE" index fell 0.5 percent to 6979.8 points, the French "CAC" index decreased by 1.08 percent, recording 5643.9 points, and the German "DAX" index fell By 2 percent, to score 12,790.5 points.

In Asia, Japanese stocks continued their losses during the past days, and in Wednesday's session they closed at the lowest level in more than four months.

Chinese factories also continued to close their doors, the movement of ships between the ports was disrupted, hundreds of flights and tourism, dozens of carnivals and celebrations were canceled, and dozens of recreational parks were closed.

Since the outbreak of the disease in late December, nearly 81,000 people worldwide have been infected and nearly 3,000 people have died.