2020-02-10 08:16:15

Shafaq News / The Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority announced on Monday a statistic for the air traffic of Iraqi airports working in the country during 2019, as the total of departing and arriving travelers to Iraqi airports reached (8,728,512) passengers and the number of flights reached (100288) flights, departures.

The authority said in a statement that this statistic issued by the Air Traffic Statistics Division of the Planning and Follow-up Division in the authority, which witnessed a clear increase in the rate of travelers and flights to Iraqi airports (Baghdad, Basra, Najaf, Erbil, and Sulaymaniyah) which came as a result of effort and continuous work by those concerned in those airports with a set of facilities and services that were granted to the airlines operating in those airports in order to enhance the reality of work to serve the travelers.

It explained that the total number of arriving and departing travelers through Baghdad International Airport reached 3797413 passengers with trips of 37265 trips, as the total number of travelers to Basra International Airport reached 984,985 passengers and the total number of trips reached 10106 trips

The authority followed the total number of passengers traveling to Najaf airport, 2579355 passengers, the total number of flights reached 22123 flights, also the total number of passengers for Erbil International Airport was 891840 passengers while flights reached 23294, and with regard to Sulaimaniyah International Airport, the total of passengers traveling in it was 474,919 passengers with a total of descending and departing flights amounted to 7500 journeys.