2020-03-11 07:31:02

Shafaq News / The Kuwaiti Ports Authority announced the closure of al- Doha sea port for receiving Iraqi and Iranian ships coming from their countries and loaded with goods, as a precautionary measure to avoid the spread of Corona virus, indicating that the closure will be temporary until further notice.

The Authority ‘s spokesman, Nasser Al-Shulaimi stated that his authority is coordinating with the Maritime Transport Organization and Arab and Gulf ports regarding the procedures for this virus, by examining the crews of ships coming to these countries, including Kuwait, as well as inspection of goods imported from abroad, for fear of transmitting the contagious virus.

He added that there is cooperation between the maritime authorities at the present time, given the great suffering that countries suffer from the spread of this virus, according to Al-Anbaa newspaper.

Al-Shulaimi added, "We took all the measures in the seaports, and the focus was on the affected countries, which the Ministry of Health announced, we have approximately 800 employees working in various departments, including administrators, supervisors and sailors."