2019-11-24 12:23:29

Shafaq News/ The Deputy Prime Minister and the Minister of Oil , Thamer al-Ghadhban revealed on Sunday the results of talks between Baghdad and Erbil.

Al- Iraqiya News Agency quoted al-Ghadhban as saying that "the central government’s talks with the delegation of the region, which visited Baghdad on Saturday focused on two main points first was principles governing the oil relationship between the region and the center with regard to the delivery of the region's oil to the company (SOMO) to sell its funds to the budget while the second point concerns the financial aspect, including salaries of employees and other financial benefits. "

He stressed that "another delegation will visit Baghdad on Monday to conclude the main issues," noting that "the talks was good and positive with the delegation of the region, which in turn informed the central government that they are fully authorized and have come to increase the financial resources of the country through the contribution of the region in exported oil ".