2020-04-16 08:04:41

Shafaq News / Muthehar Mohammed Saleh, economic and financial adviser to the Prime Minister, said that Iraq’s consultations with the International Monetary Fund( IMF) are continuing to stop foreign debt deductions.

Al-Sabah newspaper quoted in its issue on Thursday, Saleh as saying that "Iraq has entered into what is called force majeure due to Corona virus and the drop in oil prices, something that afflicted all countries of the world. Therefore, Iraq is seeking to stop the payment of its debts, especially as it is one of the founders of IMF and the World Bank. In the forties of the last century and has strong ties to these important institutions. "

He added that "IMF will have a positive role towards Iraq through the postponement of debts or the simplification of procedures, which is possible, but it needs high diplomacy."