2019-07-30 10:39:32

Shafaq News/ The UAE was ranked the first in the Global Innovation Index for 2019 and ranked 36th in the world out of 129 countries.

The report, co-authored by Cornell University, the European Institute of Business Administration (INSEAD) and the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), showed that the majority of Arab countries were ranked after the 60th rank , while Yemen was ranked last globally.

The Global Innovation Index classifies different economies based on 80 indicators measuring R & D investments, international patent and trademark applications, indicators for the creation of mobile phone applications and technology exports.

The index also looks at the economic context of countries despite signs of slowing economic growth in some but innovation continues continue to flourish, especially in Asia, with pressures on trade and protectionism looming, according to WIPO Web site.

Following is the classification of Arab countries in the Global Innovation Index:

UAE: ranked 36th globally

Kuwait: ranked 60th globally

Qatar: ranked 65th globally

Saudi Arabia: ranked 68th globally

Tunisia: ranked 70th globally

Morocco: ranked 74th globally

Bahrain: ranked 78th globally

Oman: ranked 80th globally

Jordan: ranked 86th globally

Lebanon: 88th globally

Egypt: ranked 92 globally

Algeria: ranked 113 globally

Yemen: ranked 129 globally

Globally, Switzerland has been crowned one of the most innovative countries in the world, followed by Sweden, the United States, the Netherlands and Britain.

The report identified India, South Africa, Chile, Israel, Singapore, China, Vietnam and Rwanda as regional and institutional leaders of their groups.

The list did not contain statistics on Iraq.

WIPO says that the index "has become a global benchmark that helps policymakers understand more on how to stimulate and measure innovation, as a key driver of economic and human development”.