2020-04-07 08:27:48

Shafaq News / The economic advisor to the Prime Minister, Matehar Muhammad Salih, denied delaying the general budget bill for 2020 to next year, but stressed that a drop in oil prices would change its structure.

Saleh told Shafaq News, "The news that talks about delaying the draft budget for 2020 to the next year is incorrect. The budget is still present with the government and will not be delayed or disappear like 2014 budget."

He added that "the price per barrel was estimated in the budget at 56 dollars, but after the decrease in oil prices, it will be restructured, given that its dependence on 90% of oil imports."

Saleh said, "The general budget will secure the salaries of state employees and important projects. Either other matters will go into 2021 budget."