2015-11-25 11:00:19

50 000 dinars, adding that it is not linked to the economic situation and does not affect the inflation or deflation.

The bank said in a statement received by Shafaq News, that " it has been received gratefully , the remarks of public comments and some professionals, politicians and the media on the banknote which intends to be issued of (fifty thousand Dinars("

"We were pleased for our belief that this currency captured the attention it deserves, and gave us more opportunities to get to know public opinion and make appropriate disclosures."

The bank said in its statement that the new banknote will complete a series of banknotes that are currently in circulation and will increase its ability to meet the requirements of the public and that the issuance of this currency or any other currencies will not be accompanied by the withdrawal of any other currency banknote. "

As the Bank noted in the framework of its clarifications that the "Print of the banknote and put it in the trading process (releasing it) are not related to the topic of public spending as this is unrelated to what the CBI prints of currencies and the obtained cash version as a result of drawing balances from the banks ".

"The issuance of this banknote or any higher or lower value is not connected and has no impact on the economic situation or influencing inflation or deflation."