2019-12-19 07:59:38

Shafaq News / The local government in Wasit Governorate expressed its refusal on Thursday to change the director of Zarbata border crossing, which borders Iran.

The governorate stated in a statement today that it "refuses to change the director of Zarbati port without coordinating with it according to Law 21, which emphasizes cooperation between local and federal governments, and because the man is a successful and experienced manager and has seriously contributed to reducing customs smuggling and corruption" and revealed many cases of fraud .

The statement added that "exemption of (competencies) at this time must take place in accordance with the provisions of the law and require investigation by the Prime Minister's Office, especially as we have certain information about the interference of political parties in changing him for reasons that we will reveal to public opinion later."

The statement called on " the Prime Minister to interfere in the cancellation of his arbitrary transfer order, and we hold the Border Ports Authority responsible for monopolizing its decision in managing the ports file and its lack of cooperation with the province."

​​Zurbatiya sub-district is located to the northeast of Badra, 18 km away from it. The city was destroyed during the Iran-Iraq war, and it was the scene of fighting, destroyed its gardens, demolished its houses and abandoned by the residents.