Italy says will continue to support, train Peshmerga

Italy says will continue to support, train Peshmerga

The Italian government assured a Ministry of Peshmerga delegation of its continued support and training for the Kurdish forces during a meeting in Rome on Thursday.


The meeting took place between a delegation from the Ministry of Peshmerga—headed by its deputy Sarbast Lazgin—and Deputy Minister Roberta Pinotti of the Ministry of Defense of Italy which deals with the affairs of Kurdistan, Iraq, and the Peshmerga.


The Italian Ministry of Defense affirmed they would continue “training the Peshmerga forces,” and that they view the relations between the Kurdistan Region and Italy “with utmost regard,” Lazgin told Kurdistan 24 correspondent Barzan Hassan.


Germany handed the command of training Peshmerga forces over to Italy in a ceremony on June 13 at the Kurdistan Training Coordination Center (KTCC) in Erbil.


During the event, the outgoing head of the KTCC, German Commander Col. Andreas Steinhaus, explained to Kurdistan 24 that the Islamic State (IS) “is still active, especially in the disputed areas,” adding that efforts are still needed to ensure “sustainable stability.”


Meanwhile, the incoming Italian Commander of the KTCC said the center’s primary mission is to train the Peshmerga to ensure the final defeat of IS and prevent the emergence of any IS-like organization in the future.


Kurdish Peshmerga and Iraqi security forces, with support from the US-led coalition, launched a military operation on early Monday morning targeting IS remnants near the town of Makhmour, southwest of Erbil.


Lazgin also revealed that The Cultural Association of The Art of Apoxiomeno would present the Peshmerga delegation with the International Apoxiomeno Prize later on Thursday for its valiant efforts in defending and fighting against IS.