Hashd al-Shaabi responds to an American report

Hashd al-Shaabi responds to an American report

shafaaq news/ The Hashd al-Shaabi revealed on Tuesday the fact that a number of elements and leaders of the organization joined the ranks in response to an American press report.
A report on the website "Foreign Policy" revealed that former elements of the organization had joined the crowd, including leaders Mutashar Turki and Zaid Mualan.
The leader of the crowd Ali al-Husseini, told shafaaq News, "The information reported by the entire American report is not true, did not open the door to volunteer or join a person involved in terrorism, how to include terrorist fighters like monsters."
"The names mentioned in the report have not been heard and we do not know them, and we do not have such figures in all aspects of the crowd and its institutions."
"The American report is a message that there is a new terrorist organization, which may be in Iraq, and it is also the fabric of the United States of America. We will take this message very seriously and cautiously. America is a demon and is willing and willing to do anything to pass its projects, . He said.