Runaway German schoolgirl Linda Wenzel jailed in Iraq

Runaway German schoolgirl Linda Wenzel jailed in Iraq

A German schoolgirl who ran away to become an Isis bride has been sentenced to six years in prison by an Iraqi court following her arrest during the battle for Mosul.

Linda Wenzel - who sobbed in a television interview last year that she had ruined her life - was too young to receive the death penalty, The Times reports.

The 17-year-old was reportedly given five years for being a member of Isis, and an additional year for illegally entering Iraq, says German broadcaster Deutsche Welle.

Wenzel led her home in Pulsnitz, east Germany, at the age of 15 after talking to extremists online and converting to Islam, The Independent reports. She entered Iraq via Turkey and Syria and married an Isis fighter from Chechnya.

According to the Daily Express, Wenzel has been “caged” for her role as an “Islamic enforcer” with Isis. The Daily Mail says she worked for the all-female Al-Khansaa Brigade, who patrolled Isis territories and handed out beatings to women who violated religious laws such as venturing outside without a male family member.