Baath in Iraq declares war on ISIS

 Baath in Iraq declares war on ISIS

from Mosul city, the second largest city in Iraq, which is controlled by ISIS since 10th of last June.

Observers had expected the occurrence of differences between groups allied to ISIS organization in cities and areas they control after the 10th of last June due to the views of ISIS which adopts the "Islamic Caliphate", and   refuses anyone who don’t pay allegiance as well as what is known of the organization of fighting groups and militant factions to, Bashar al-Assad regime and the Syrian army.

The dissolved party said in a statement published by pro-sites in which “Shafaq News” could not make sure if it is correct that "ISIS is a terrorist  organization that carry the project of destroying the popular revolution sweeping Iraq, and we will stand against it with all our power”.

The statement added that "at the time we announce our refusal to all acts of ISIS , we show our pride in all the brothers who perform the same mission of rebel clans and national factions which are fighting with us today   for the liberation of the entire territory of Iraq," according to the statement.

The secretary general of the dissolved party and the former Iraqi Vice President , Izzat al-Duri has praised in a recorded speech al-Qaeda fighters and ISIS organization.

The statement added that "ISIS crimes began to widen and worsen, the last was displacing the Christian Brothers from Mosul city in a matter of regret that we reject completely. Christians will remain an integral part of this beloved homeland"

ISIS has subjected entire Mosul city under its control and its radical view of the Islamic law on religious minorities of Christians, Shiites and Yazidis, causing the displacement of hundreds of thousands, "he said in the statement.

Mosul city has become completely empty of Christians who fled under threat of ISIS and that gave them the choice between converting to Islam , pay tribute or face death at a deadline that ended on Saturday.