First ground clash between ISIS and US forces in Iraq

First ground clash between ISIS and US forces in Iraq

and other force of the Iraqi army near Ein al-Asad base, west of Anbar, in an attempt to remove them from the base of which includes about 100 US adviser in it.

A field commander of the Iraqi Army in Anbar province, said that "the US force equipped with light and medium weapons, supported by fighter force model" F-18 ", was able to inflict casualties against fighters of ISIS organization, and forced them to retreat from the al-Dolab area, which lies 10 kilometers from Ain al-Assad base .

US troops have entered with its Iraqi partner, according to Colonel , Salam Nazim in line against ISIS elements and clashed with them for more than two hours, to succeed in removing them from al-Dolab area, and causing losses in their ranks, at a time American fighter jets directed several strikes focused on ISIS gatherings that silenced their heavy sources of fire. "He points out that the clashes took place between 1 a.m. and 3 a.m. on Sunday night.

Assad base is located 90 km from Ramadi city , the capital of Anbar province, as it was established in a nearby meeting point between the Iraqi-Syrian and Iraqi-Jordanian border, an area of 26 square kilometers, noting that the Euphrates River and industrial lakes are surrounding them from several directions.

Sheikh Mahmud Nimrawi, a prominent tribal leader in the region, said that "US forces intervened because of ISIS started to come near the base , which they are stationed in so out of self-defense , they responded , welcoming the US intervention, which I hope will "not be the last."

He added, "We have made progress in al-Dolab area, in which ISIS has withdrawn from to the villages beyond, after the battles which involved a private American force , and provided a great impetus firearm, and opened hubs around the region enabled them to storm and surprise ISIS fighters."

The American power has withdrew from the region, towards Ain al-Assad base, after the end of its mission, as Nimrawi explained , revealing that the "US promised to provide tribal fighters who are in that region exclusively with weapons."